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Soon we will report about the succesful Annual Meeting 2016 in Wroclaw (PL) with the main theme "Workflow in the dental practice".
Nowadays in Dentistry ‘Workflow’ seems to be the magic word.  What exactly does it mean? Can it be of help in our daily practice? Is it only about the flowchart to be followed when using a new dental material or is there more to it? Will Workflow enter our practices to help us making the more and more demanding challenge of rules and regulations easier to handle? Will it be the ergonomic wonder that brings us efficiency into the dental office?
ESDE provided an inspiring program about Workflow effectiveness for our work.  What will be the result of optimizing our daily routine for our own wellbeing? The Annual Meeting was an event, where dentist met dentist, student, science and the industry’. About 70 participants from 14 countries heard speakers from 8 different countries

Last Annual Meeting

17-18 June  2016  Wroclaw  (PL)

"Workflow in the dental practice”