european society of dental ergonomics
The European Society of Dental Ergonomics is an independent society directed at the development of all aspects of dental ergonomics for use in dental practices and universities, as well as by developments by dental companies. All European countries constitute the scope of the organization. ESDE was founded 1987 in Kirchen/Germany.

What are ESDE’s objectives?
According to its Bylaws, the objectives of the European Society of Dental Ergonomics are: Collection, analysis, making applicable and distribution of existing knowledge in the field of ergonomics in dentistry (as methods of working, development of new technologies and equipment, information and communication technology, hygiene, organisation, management and quality development).

What are ESDE's activities?
ESDE organizes meetings in European countries. Hosts are either national societies for ergonomics or dental industries. During this annual meetings specific ergonomic themes are discussed. Existing knowledge is presented and discussed with respect to integration in dental practice, dental training, development of new technologies and equipment by dental industries.

Who can become member of ESDE?

European Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Nurses (regular members),


members of the dental industry,

members of the dental trade,

other dental professionals.

physical and juridical persons who are interested in (medical) ergonomics (associated members)

What does ESDE’s membership cost ?
The current annual membership fee is 90 Euro. Retired members can apply for a reduced fee of 50 Euro

What are benefits for the ESDE members?
Information by president letters, enrolment for annual meetings on reduced fee